Medical Coding

Medical Coding

Medical Coding   Medical coding is the conversion of Diagnoses and Procedures in to the payable alphanumeric codes. Correct coding will result in fast claim processing which in turn results in increase cash flow by decreasing the time and money spent on the resubmission of a claim. We strictly follow CMS Coding Guidelines for speed processing of the claims.

Wanna Get Paid Faster ?

Send Error-Free, Clean & Clear Insurance Claims With STS (STAT Transcription Services):

It’s time for health care facilities to swim against the tide as payers use versatile technologies to screen your claims.

With STS’ effective medical coding, you get paid much faster for all your raised claims. We assist you in sending clean and clear insurance claims the very first time. This ensures the maximum re-imbursement at the minimum time possible.


STS (STAT Transcription Services) effective Coding:

We make sure that your medical coding and re-imbursement strategies act in accordance with that of the payer’s re-imbursement rules and acquiescence. By sending clean and clear claims on-time through STS (STAT Transcription Services), you not only save time but get paid faster as well.


STS’ Claims On-The-Dot:

Medical coding is technology way-out that authorizes your insurance claims against ever-refining federal rules and regulations. This way, you can filter out the inaccuracies in the claims and set right the same prior to submission. With this stupendous technology, you get rid of the tiring insurance claim rejections and denials. Also reviewing rejected claims and re-submitting the same is also curtailed to a greater extent.

Specialities Covered: : STS provides all type of medical coding services starting from simple outpatient coding to comprehensive inpatient coding.


STAT covers the following major specialities:-

  1. E&M
  2. Chiropractic
  3. Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy
  4. Family Practice
  5. Emergency
  6. Neurology
  7. Endocrinology
  8. Cardiology
  9. Hematology
  10. Gastrology
  11. Nephrology
  12. Hepatology
  13. Orthopedics
  14. Radiology
  15. Pathology
  16. Anesthesia
  17. OB/Gyn


Experienced Certified Coders:- Our coders have certified credentials like:-

  1. CCS – Certified Coding Specialist from AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association)
  2. CPC – Certified Professional Coders from AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders)


Tools for Coding:-

  1. AMA’s Current Procedural Terminology CPT
  2. Ingenix’s International Classification of Disease – ICD 9 – CM
  3. Ingenix’s HCPCS
  4. ASA and RVG guides
  5. MS – DRG, IR – DRG

Quality Control:-

We follow Six Sigma Methodology – DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) to maintain the Quality of the process. For regular improvement our coders are regularly updated on the latest changes in the LMRPs – Local Medical Review Policies, CCI- Correct Coding Initiatives Edits


Get To know The “Medical Coding” Game :

Our medical coding service with esperts is all-inclusive with huge knowledgebase in coding, compliance and other re-imbursement rules related to government and private insurance payers as well. At STS, we stay at the rim of technology ever. We know the real game and its rules. That is why we are one of the most sought out service providers in the market.

Doesn’t That Sound Good If Your Claims Turn Out To Be Your Acquisition In Few Days To A Week ?

Your claims are scrubbed and submitted, in fact, with fewer slip-ups and lapses. This obviously means quicker TAT and hardly any rejected claims. We utilize refined technologies to check and ensure that your claims are clean before submission.

STS is a precursor in the medical billing and coding specialist field; we are exceptional enough to pre-adjudicate before submitting your claims. We are aware of the ‘nuts and bolts’ that provoke the payers to pay. To know more about our “winning manthra” in terms of medical coding and technology call us

Data Security:-

  1. 128 bit encrypted secure channel for the data transfer.


Weekly, Monthly, Speciality wise, Physician wise and many other Custom reports depending upon the requirements of the process and Clients specifications.

We use the following industry coding standards:

Diagnosis Codes (ICD-9: International Classification of Disease)

Procedure Codes (CPT-4: Current Procedural Terminology)

Coding for Inpatient Services (ICD-9)

Drug Codes (NDC: National Drug Codes)

Dental Procedure Codes (CDT: Current Dental Terminology)

Other Procedure Codes (HCPCS: Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System)


Our Key highlights of Coding are:

STAT’s AAPC certified coding team is proficient with CPT, ICD-9, HCPCS level II and DRG codes across various specialties.

Coding in accordance with NCCI (National Correct Coding Initiatives) and LCD (Local coverage decision and medical policies) as per set rules for different states across the United States.

Trained and Monitored by PMCC certified Trainers

The coders complete a comprehensive training program and are involved in continuing education programs.

Quality and Compliance are continually monitored via a Corporate Quality Assurance Program and a Corporate Compliance Program.

Minimum accuracy deliverables of over 95% and above on both CPT and ICD components.

STS (STAT Transcription Services) provides 24 to 48 hour turn-around of all completed source documents.

Assurance in maintaining coding policies and procedures, appropriate and accurate managed contract advice and reports